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Get the perfect fool-proof ground plans for your future. Get organized, assessed and march on the path of never-ending success.


The iSyncERP is unreservedly dedicated and owned by the management of the institution for which it is deployed. You need not be bothered about the integrations and porting from the existing system, our team will take care of the processes.

It's all there

Every piece of data fed in the ERP, be it offline or online will be available once synced. Access the data on website or on your handset easily.


iSyncERP is real time and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All the vital information stored in the iSyncERP is archived on a scheduled basis.

Through these years we have been meticulously working with educational institutions to bolster their processes take down the mundane work off the shoulders of the working class. Our rich visibility into the educational sphere and cyber world has made our products have a niche above all others. iSyncERP enriches the operational experience of the whole institution and also its data loss prevention capabilities.

Parent's Corner

You be a working parent or a homemaker, there is always one question that pops up every now and then in your senses. Is my child doing well academically? Don’t let the surprise tests be a surprise for your kids anymore. Examine them systematically subject wise, categorize the sections and patterns of the tests using the tailored assessment platform. Get the solutions to the test paper, explained in the most comprehensible method. Keep the record of the tests and analyze them for the future tests. How about spending less than a chocolate for all this? Just top-up your credits and start using it.

Teacher's Desk

One of the most crucial tasks that a teacher does is to draft the question sets for the classes. In some cases, to avoid the test papers to be leaked, management prepares multiple sets of each subject for each section. This increases the overhead for the teacher. With the help of simple alterations in iQUEST, they can generate as many assets for the given syllabus within a short period of time, with the sample answers handy.

What's more?

Most frequently used Mathematical formulae, chemical equations and important laws of physics are provided in printable formats in the repository. Mind Map is an added feature that helps the student to understand the chapter or a process flow, or any chronological item in social studies in a single and simple view. We help you with planning your lessons by providing the time-bound study agenda so that the children can complete their syllabus within the time frame and also have spare time for revisions.

With a paucity of time at parents’ disposal, it is difficult to keep the track of the progress through various assessments. The upgradation in the syllabus in various boards is making it difficult for parents to comprehend and take the home-based revision. Today we need a platform which is an elaborative and well-designed conceptual assessment tool, user-friendly and cost-effective a well. With any time and anywhere access this tool has helped millions of students to understand the concepts.

Starting it early

A toddler these days learns about the tablet before alphabets. So, why not teach them about the basics of cybersecurity as well from the primary sections and raise the bar with the successive classes. Cyber Olympiad is for students from Class I to class X.

Pragmatic approach

We can’t disavow that books are the preeminent source of knowledge, but unless the bookish knowledge is put to a practical utility it is good for nothing. One of the most out of the mill approach is the feature of Cyber Olympiad that lays emphasis on practical implementation.

Preventive and corrective methods

We provide a thorough analysis of the result for each and every individual student. With this personalized evaluation, the candidate knows his/her limitations and can work to overcome them.

Ever have a random thought on how much you comprehend the gravity to adhere to the principles of Cybersecurity for the next generation kids. Cyber Olympiad transcribe this thought into a reality. With a sky limit options luring the child to step into the digital world are they aware of the dreaded consequences of it? While some dragging them to an extent of killing themselves, should we wait till something like these hits too near our homes?


Wisemindz believes in having an interdisciplinary and applied approach towards the four subjects Science, technology, Engineering and mathematics [STEM]. STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world.

Robotics -Learn to make machines that follow your set of instructions and see yourself creating wonders.

Science Kits -Give your grey cells the most innovative ideas wellspring. Wisemindz Science kits have all that you need to learn the theories practically.

Arithmetic Brain development program

A brain needs to be trained in a way that it can function precisely even in the most demanding situations. Wisemindz aims at achieving this cerebral stage for your child.

Abacus: – Calculate the beads way.  While moving the beads up and done across the abacus kit see yourself cracking the toilsome math problems.

Vedic Math: – An ancient age-old method of calculation to solve your today’s complex mathematical sums.

Wisemindz is a platform that not only makes you grow with the most tried and tested scientific methodologies and also gives the wings to new ideas of learning. The blueprint of the programs is based on the overall development of the student. We have included the learning in such a fun quotient manner that will only increase the child’s inclination towards the alma mater.

Wisemidz gives your child a strong conceptual foundation to outshine every-time

Our programs, faculties, and kits together make up learning in the rightest way.
Today, where a child has a hundred of new subject matters to learn, there are also a thousand ways to learn them. But as a guardian, you have to choose the best for your ward. Wisemindz has therefore taken up the mission to bring these vital streams of learning under one roof and to impart the knowledge in such a way that it is loved by one and all. Our unique programs, well-trained faculties, complementing books and hand on kits makes learning a great experience.

Appsoft provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience.

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